Two short cigar stories

Here are two short cigar stories.

The first one comes from Moscow.

I am at „Havana” shop in Moscow, the oldest cigar shop in Russia. There is a man looking through Bolivar cigars behind the counter.

„ Do you like this brand?” I ask him.

„ Oh, yes,” he answers and begins to tell me about Bolivar. I find out that when making a layout of royal palace in scale 1:500 Cubans were asked to produce a box of Bolivar cigars. So there is still a box of miniature Bolivar cigars 500 times smaller the original Bolivar cigars lying on a tiny table.

We keep talking for about half an hour. Then I take my card, it says „President of Russian Cigar Union”. He hands me his card. It is written „Her Majesty’s Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary”. It’s not written which Majesty in particular. Queen’s subjects of Great Britain think that there is only one Queen in the world, their Queen of Great Britain.

The second story comes from Ryazan.

I drive to Ryazan cigar club. There still one hour left before the cigar event so I decide to make a stop at the wood. I make a turn and here I am completely stuck in the snow (man, this treacherous snow in March). I go to the nearest village for help. There is this young guy driving an old car. I pull him over and ask him to help me get my stuck car. He refuses to pull my car because his own car is way too old, so he wants to leave. I offer him money and a Dunhill cigar. He takes the cigar and opens his trunk to get a shovel.

In half an hour we sit down together and smoke Dunhill. His last phrase that he tells me I still remember very often when I start to think that fate is not favorable to me.

„So, you smoke cigars every day? Just like instead of cigarettes? Oh, that’s a real life, I wish I had it too!” he said.

Andrey Loskutov,

President of the Russian Cigar Union

Photo: Raigo Pajula

Last year we honored Andrey Loskutov (right) for promoting cigar culture in the region.