Tallinn Cigar Club unites people

What is the one thing that unites people who appreciate both the cigar culture and a good company? Tallinn Cigar Club, naturally.

Even the establishment date of the club bears a particular significance, being 12.12.2012. Since that day, Tullio Liblik, the founder and the soul of the cigar club, has invested a great deal of his spare time in uniting cigar admirers and giving them the opportunity to gather at the most glamorous lifestyle event of Northern Europe – Fine Spirits & Cigar Weekend, held once a year.

However, Fine Spirits & Cigar Weekend is not the only thing that Tallinn Cigar Club is keeping itself busy with. The greater mission of the club is to expand the cigar culture all over Northern Europe, which requires keeping in daily contact with cigar clubs in the neighbouring countries and paying frequent visits to the cigar festivals there.

It is probably safe to say that joining the cigar admirers once means not being keen on leaving it voluntarily anymore.

„Smoking a cigar gives you the chance to pinch some time for yourself after a stressful day, but it is also a great companion for business meetings. The atmosphere in cigar rooms tends to be way less formal than the one in conference halls, which means that the problems can be solved in a quicker and more personal manner,” Tullio Liblik admits.


The President of the Republic of Estonia, Mr. Arnold Rüütel (in the middle) welcomed guests of Nordic Big Smoke 2013, a very first glamorous event organized by Tallinn Cigar Club.