Apelsin will be on stage on 14th of June

Estonian rock legend, 45-year-old Apelsin will be on stage at the Fine Spirits & Cigar Weekend 2019 on 14th of June.

Apelsin was created in 1974 by Tõnu Aare. Their lyrics are in the Estonian and Russian languages. Many songs and much of the music of the band are satirical.

During the Soviet era, their LP albums were issued by the Soviet music monopoly Melodiya. The Russian name of the band was Апельсин. In both Estonian and Russian, the band’s name means orange.

The Apelsin is still running full-strength with two of four founding members in current first-string. The songs of Apelsin have nourished several generations of Estonians (and not only Estonians). The style of the group is still „from Polka to Rock” – for listening, watching, dancing, singing alone, or just chuckling.