Club Mareva unites the cigar world

Club Mareva is giving itself to the world as never before. It is sharing its life philosophy – because life is a moment – in a typical Mareva way by creating moments of happiness and pleasure, of togetherness and friendships today when the need for it is stronger than ever.

Club Mareva's grasp is getting more global and influential with each day – the Cigar Smoking World Championship is now counting more than 28 qualification tournaments and events all around the world. For the first time in history, Club Mareva Lounge is proudly opening its warm home outside of her birthplace – Club Mareva Tallinn in Estonia, with many future homes already on the horizon.

Club Mareva unites the cigar world. In return, the world recognized it at the most prestigious cigar awards ceremony – Cigar Trophy 2017 – by nominating Club Mareva in the top 5 best cigar lounges in the world.

Club Mareva is here to serve the world by belonging to it with every cell and by existing in accordance with its life philosophy because life is a moment.

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Marko Bilić, founder of Club Mareva and Cigar Smoking World Championship