Cigar rituals make us happy

A cigar’s purpose is not only to be smoked

Step 1. Initialization

First, choose your cigar. When opening the humidor you can immediately recognize that sophisticated aroma reaching your nose and awakening your senses. Looking at your cigars resting nicely in your humidor, you begin thinking which one is the most suitable for the moment.

Different shapes and formats make you ask yourself: what kind of an aroma would suit my feelings today? Am I going to smoke alone or amongst friends?

Sometimes you want to smoke alone just to reach the ultimate inner relaxation. This can be a moment of quiet reflection away from outside disturbances. It can also serve as a time to relax with a good book or as an excuse to do nothing.

Step 2. Anticipation

Then it’s time to cut and light up your cigar. It doesn’t matter if you use a punch, a cutter, a v-cutter or cigar scissors. Look at the cap of the cigar. In most cases you visually measure around two millimetres from the tip and that’s where you want to make the cut.

You cut your cigar with elegance. A proper cut will give a perfect draw. Some millimetres of the cap will drop off and you lay that piece down in your ashtray with piety. Then you place the cigar nicely between your fingers, sniff the cigar (as you would a fine wine) and light your fire with a match, a torch lighter or a cedar strip – we all have our personal preferences.

You begin by toasting your cigar's foot, slowly and patiently with no rush or fuss. When you have lit the foot of your cigar properly, some long draws are all you need to ensure the perfect burn and draw. Everything is now ready for an enjoyable smoke.

Step 3. Happiness

There is great pleasure in smoking a good cigar alone, with friends or other cigar lovers. You meet interesting people amongst cigar lovers and the conversation between smokers can often be very uplifting and rewarding.

We feel the explosion of flavours on our palate. While rolling the smoke in our mouth, we recognize flavours of chocolate, pepper, wood, nuts, salt, coffee, butter, leather or any of the over 200 different tastes defined in the cigar flavour wheel.

Smoking a cigar is a holistic experience, partly aided by small rituals before and during smoking. Sit back in your chair, take a puff and blow out the smoke. Notice the forms and shapes the smoke is creating. Enjoy the flavours. This is happiness.

Lasse Öhman

Lasse is the founder of Happy Cigars